f hnitch✨


A multipurpose bot that can do anything from moderation commands to fun and utility..

Bot Features

Fast Servers 😄

hnitch✨ has a fast and reliable server which it is hosted on, making it respond quickly and saving more time.

Secure 🤪

The bot is constantly being bug checked with bug reports from users and improving on features (join our support server for a chance to suggest featurea and submit bugs)


The bot is being added to new servers everyday and the community is really friendly. We have fast resopnse times to assist you asap


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All Commands (Slash commands not included)

**Moderation commands** ⛓
!kick (kicks user)
!ban (bans user)
!unban (unbans user)
!mute (to mute user)
!unmute (to unmute user)
!warn (warns user)
!clearwarns @user (clears the mentioned user's warns)
!purge (number) (deletes the number of messages you specify)
!purge @user or user id (number) (deletes the amount off messages for the mentioned user)
!lockc (locks channel)
!unlockc (unlocks channel)
!slowmode (number in seconds) (sets channel slowmode)
!slowmode 0 (disables channel slowmode) !
grole @user @role (gives the mentioned user the role you mentioned)

**Fun commands** 😈😘 !hi (gets the bot to say hi to you)
!howgay (randomly rates how gay ur friend is)
!lovecalc (calculates the among of love 2 people have together)
!thotrate (rates how thoty you or a friend is)
!8ball {question} (asks the bot a question which it randomly answers)
!remoji (randomly picks an emoji and sends it in chat)
!smail (gets the bot to send a dm with your message to your friend)
!sus (determines if a crewmate is sus or not)
!guessnum (guess a number from 1 to 50)
!rps (a game of rock, paper, scissors) ✂️
!dice (rolls a dice.. there’s a chande of failure)
!rip [user] (say rip to someone for fun lol)
!say (say something)
!deathnote (put someone in ur sus deathnote lol)
!meme (sends a random meme in chat)
!wasted (this is when someone gets wasted gta style)
!rbx [roblox username] (actually gets the skin of the user)
!mc [minecraft username] (actually gets the skin of the minecraft user)
!morse [text] (translates text into morse code.. no reason lol)
!trash [@user] (virtually throws someone in the bin)
!pprate (rates the size of someone's dic-)
!howhorny (rates your hornyness level)

**Roleplay commands😱🥺**
!slap (gives your friend a virtual slap)
!kiss (gives your friend a virtual kiss)
!hug (hugs your friend)
!fight (starts a fight with your friend)
!twerk (twerks chaotically)
!pat (pats mentioned user)
!boop (boops mentioned user)

**Utility commands** ⛏⛏
!poll (creates a yes,no poll)
!emb (created an embed of your message)
!img (text) (displays your text in a cool image)
!bug (sends a bug report to the owner)
!uptime (shows the last time the bot was edited)
!invite (sends an invite link for the bot)
!website (sends a link to this website)
!ping (shows bot ping)
!timer (creates a timer for however long you want)
!allreactions (reacts to a message with 20 reactions)
!cal (calculates up to 4 digit numbers - , + , x , and divide
!afk (typing this once will turn it on)
!gstart [time] [prize] (creates a giveaway)
!gend [giveaway message id] (ends the giveaway)
!emote [server or other emote] (shows some cool info and allows you to download the emote)
!slashinfo (the amount of active slash commands)
!wiki [search] (searches wikipedia for your search)

**faq commands** ⛏⛏
!help (shows this)
hnitch (summons the bot)
!pfp (shows your pfp)
!pfp @user (shows the mentioned user pfp)
!botinfo (shows bot info)
!serverinfo (shows a list of your server stats)
!userinfo (shows your or a user's info)
!vote (shows link to vote for the bot)
!weather (country name without the brackets) (gets weather info of the country)
!search (googles anything that you ask it to)

**Server commands** ⛏⛏
!wchannel (sets channel that welcome messages gets sent into)
!gchannel (sets channel that goodbye messages get sent into)
!setverify (sets the verification channel and role)
!verify (verifies a user in the verification channel)
!serverinfo (shows server info)
!suggest [suggestion] (posts your seggestuon in the suggestion channel)
!sugchannel [ #channel ] (sets the channel !suggest suggestions go in)

**Leveling commands** 📈
!level (shows your server level card)

**Ticket commands** 🎫

!cticket (creates a ticket with you in it)
!close (deletes the ticket that this command is sent into) [only admin]

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